Dec. 7, 2021

Navigating Tech Life: Trailer

Navigating Tech Life: Trailer

Introducing the Navigating Tech Life podcast!

It’s motivating to hear stories from famously successful people. Entrepreneurs, co-founders, billionaires. But what about the rest of the people who are part of that journey?

Hear the untold stories from the everyday tech worker. Ace and Aaron are two ordinary people, veterans in the tech field, who talk about navigating everyday life with successes and failures learned along the way.

Ace and Aaron have been through it all - failing startups, acquisitions, IPO’s, good and terrible investments, maintaining a life outside of work. There has been a lesson learned with each of those experiences and has led to their present-day success.

Learn about their findings in business, startups, investing and more, and meet individuals with unique experiences through bonus interviews. 

Navigate your own everyday with something new learned in each episode. Coming to your favorite listening platform in January 2022.

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